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Rodolph Balej
As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by all forms of wildlife: no matter if it has feathers, scales or a fur. Very early, this passion led me to travel throughout the world in search for encounters with other creatures than those of my native Brittany. Later on, I studied ecology at the university in order to work, as a professional, in the area of environmental protection. It is only recently that I have discovered photography. For three years now, I have been taking pictures of wildlife in my spare time and on my travels. This activity allows me to rediscover the diversity of everything living around us and to share my animal encounters. Above all, photography is for me an occasion to spend time outdoors and to recharge my batteries. Throughout the international year of biodiversity, I am offering you, very humbly, some of my best shots. Enjoy!

Nelson Boisvert
I am a geographer fascinated by landscapes and life on our blue planet. I have been working on conservation issues for 20 years but am especially interested in marine life. If you look closely at some of my pictures, you will often find some form of water.

At university, photography became a sort of notepad where I described landscapes, emotions and mosaics of colors. Eventually, my passion for photography, for its nuances, for its capacity to seize precious moments induced me to invest more time in this activity.

Recently, I have been invited to contribute, as a photographer, to two book projects dedicated to the beauty of Canadian and Quebecois landscapes. This passion for capturing life through the lens of a camera will certainly produce many surprising shots throughout the year 2010 and might just change the way you look at Quebec's biodiversity.

Katell Colin

Tomy Grenier
Le citoyen passe à l'action via le politique et l'engagement social. Quant à l'être humain, il passe à l'action par la vie. Terra Nostra Québec est un de mes moyens de passer à l'action comme humain et comme citoyen. La multiplicité des formes que peut prendre la vie en fait la beauté et la richesse. Plus encore, elle permet à l'être humain de vivre aussi pleinement. C'est pourquoi je me suis investi dans ce projet, qui s'offre à la fois comme lieu de contemplation et comme outil d'apprentissage sur la diversité biologique du Québec.

Bonne visite!

Éric Le Bel
Well before becoming a biologist, I had already followed the paths of wilderness with my binoculars and my telescope in search of unique observations. I was only twelve years old when my parents offered me my first camera with a single lens: a 400mm telephoto lens! This birthday gift ignited in me a new passion: Photography. It is through the narrow frame of this big lens that I learnt about the merits of patience, the nuances of light and the importance to seize the perfect moment. Over the years, I was excited to see my passion rewarded in many photo contests and my images published in several books and magazines.

My love for nature eventually led to a career dedicated to the protection and the presentation of the most beautiful jewels of our natural and cultural heritage. No doubt in my mind, 2010 will be the time to celebrate, through photographic images, our rich biodiversity. I would like to invite all of you to discover my little treasures throughout the coming year and to share my enthusiasm for this unique project.

Antje Ziethen
Translation and administration.

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